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My name is Dennis Frühauff. I am a programmer, software architect, Ph.D. owner in plasma physics (no, I don’t know more about TV screens than you do, I am more the astrophysics guy 😉 ), tech enthusiast, dog owner, musician, analog book reader, basketball player, fisherman, gardener, and woodworker.

This blog is intended to be about technology and programming, and all stuff related to developer journeys in a broad sense.

At the time of writing, my technological focus is located in the Microsoft .NET world, MAUI, Xamarin, Blazor, ASP.NET.

I would be happy if you connect with me on social media using any of the following links or email me directly using the contact form from the upper menu.

Who dateo. is

dateo. is a freelancing software development business located in nothern Germany. It is driven by a curiosity to generate knowledge and customer value from from combining various data sources.
What dateo. does

The main goal is to gain insight. Insights on customers, products, supply chains, and other processes can be gained in all imaginable branches of industry. The potential for insights is everywhere, just waiting for to be dug up from your data.
How dateo. works

Together with you, our potential client, we will devise strategies to acquire, analyze, and visualize your data and needs using state-of-the-art software development standards and tools.

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