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Integrating MassTransit using AWS SNS/SQS into your ASP.NET project

Messaging solutions are pretty hip lately. Whether you are stuck in an entangled microservices domain, maybe even just a distributed monolith, or you genuinely want to get rid of reliability issues and tight coupling in your application, you will eventually have come across messaging as a possible solution.

clean code

Why tuples in C# are not always a code smell

Today's article will focus on tuples and show examples of tuples in C# being a code smell. But also, I want to point out when tuples can actually help you make your code more readable and cleaner. The trick is not to mistake tuples for the hammer for every screw out there. Let me show you how.


Choosing Statamic over WordPress

Today's article is about a .NET developer gone astray, about delving into the mysterious worlds of web development and turning a WordPress site into something blazing fast. Let me share with you my journey of rebuilding the complete site using Statamic3.

.NET 7

How to publish .NET 7 apps directly to Docker

With .NET 7 being around for only a couple of days now, there are plenty of new features to be played with. One of these is the actual ability of .NET's build infrastructure to directly publish your applications to a Docker container registry (or any other container registry, for that matter), without having to explicitly specify a Docker file.

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